BiMax (or Double Jaw surgery / DJS) surgery can dramatically improve your breathing, eliminate snoring and treat sleep apnea. It eliminates airway obstruction and gives an overall sense of improved facial proportionality. 

BiMax is a surgical procedure where both jaws are significantly advanced using custom-engineered titanium plates together with GenioPaully to augment the chin. Both jaws are brought forward using LeFort for the upper and BSSO for the lower jaw.  

Conditions we use BiMax treatment for:

Custom BiMax

Custom BiMax means jaw surgery can be performed without the need for braces, in combination with simpler orthodontic solutions such as Invisalign, or as a “surgery-first” bite solution matched to aesthetic dentistry planning with the cosmetic dentist.

Designing towards the ideal facial skeleton and smile for a patient combines full facial 3D scanning, digital bite records, surgical planning software, orthodontic ambitions, and precise airway analysis to help us determine the best treatment options that gives a maximum baseline to both aesthetic and functional long-term outcomes.

Remedial BiMax

Remedial BiMax is scientifically proven as a curative therapy for Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Remedial BiMax or double jaw surgery (DJS – using custom titanium) is the answer to the high number of patients we see who have endured everything that life has thrown at them – and who are still having issues with their breathing, smile or facial balance. Technologies have advanced that limit and reduce the reliance on repeat orthodontics, jaw wiring, or prolonged recovery.

Remedial BiMax follows previous camouflage orthodontics, and includes the counter-clockwise rotation made famous by Bill Arnett.

Super bimax

SuperBiMax combines all of our treatments:  IMDO™, SARME, BiMax, and GenioPaully – in an innovative surgical approach to support the dramatic change required to overcome snoring and sleep apnea, or achieve maximum facial balance.

Custom peek

We offer customised facial implants to people who have undergone remedial BiMax to help achieve balanced facial symmetry where we have reached the limit of what BiMax can offer.

Remember… we are not changing your face to look better. We are changing your face to work better – and to become what nature and life had always intended for you.

Your face is YOU. You own it. It’s unique and it’s beautiful. It’s still your face. Surgery does not change who you are… but it does aim to positively change your health.

The Jaw surgery solution

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