The single biggest effect of a small lower jaw is that it causes the upper jaw to become a little, or a lot, smaller.

In younger teens, a small upper jaw can be corrected with expert orthodontic treatment that allows for the small lower jaw to be corrected with IMDO™ surgery. 

In older teens, the upper jaw may also be corrected with LeFort surgery. Setting the position and shape of the upper jaw (with custom titanium LeFort plates) allows for the planning of the ideal dimensions of the lower jaw – through IMDO™.

Lefort for underbite

LeFort jaw surgery advances your upper jaw to a position that complements your lower jaw. 

It normalises your bite, opening up your airway to improve breathing and encourage better sleep patterns, and establishing ideal facial proportion.

It also offers better sleeping patterns by diminishing the effects of snoring and sleep apnea. It also provides balance to the middle aspects of your face, and refines the contour of your lips and overall facial profile.

LEfort for gummy smiles

LeFort for gummy smile surgery is designed to improve nasal airflow. Together with advancing your lower jaw, breathing can be greatly enhanced by removing airway obstruction within both jaws – and compromised by the combined architecture of both.

The Jaw surgery solution

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