Media Appearances

Dr Coceancig appeared on Sky News with Tim Gilbert to discuss the effects of sleep apnea on overall health.

The GQ article explores a subculture of men obtaining jaw surgery to enhance their masculinity. chats to Dr Coceancig on the best anti-snore pillows to address snoring issues and improve sleep quality.

The Body and Soul article explores a rising trend of people opting for cosmetic surgery to attain dimples.

The Daily Telegraph and Dr Coceancig warn of the dangers and risks of the viral "looksmaxxing" TikTok trend.

Dr Coceancig and CosBeauty highlight the health effects of poor sleep in Australians.

WHO Magazine interviews Dr Coceancig on sleep delay phase disorders and strategies to reset your internal clock.

Homes to Love examines the psychological, emotional and cognitive reasons behind a messy bedroom.

In this podcast episode, Dr Coceancig offers valuable insights into his diverse professional background.

9Honey interviews Dr Coceancig on the impacts a lack of sleep has on overall skin health and physical appearance.

On 4BC Brisbane, Dr Coceancig highlights the significance of identifying sleep apnea signs.

Dr Coceancig appeared on 2GB radio to discuss sleep apnea on World Sleep Day.

Dr Coceancig sheds light on undiagnosed sleep issues and their potential impact on overall health with The Age.

Dr Coceancig highlights the lack of awareness with sleep apnea and its health effects with the Sydney Morning Herald.

Dr Coceancig shares insights and treatments on tackling sleep apnea with Hellocare.

The Carousel explores the impact of sleep apnea on women's health, featuring insights from Dr Coceancig.

Dr Coceancig discusses insights on combating snoring without a CPAP machine with Marie Claire.